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‘Defending the brain’: one year on

This time last year, Josie Dixon wrote an article in Oxford Today about dementia, for which she interviewed OxDARE’s coordinator, Clare Mackay.  The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia (which initially prompted the formation of OxDARE) led to a huge influx of government funding in 2014, providing the means to improve existing biomedical research infrastructure and […]

‘Ask a Scientist’

Thanks to everyone who visited our information stand at the Inside the Brain event at the Museum of the History of Science. As promised, here are some responses to questions that were posted in our ‘Ask a Scientist’ box over the weekend: An introduction to the Cognitive Health in Ageing (CHA) research group One of […]

The OxDARE story so far…

Oxford Dementia and Ageing Research (OxDARE) is a network for researchers, NHS clinicians and the general public. OxDARE’s aims are to promote research into both the causes of dementia and potential treatments. This network was created to aid communication between scientists and clinicians, and to engage with the general public through educational events and research activities. OxDARE […]