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‘Defending the brain’: one year on

This time last year, Josie Dixon wrote an article in Oxford Today about dementia, for which she interviewed OxDARE’s coordinator, Clare Mackay.  The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia (which initially prompted the formation of OxDARE) led to a huge influx of government funding in 2014, providing the means to improve existing biomedical research infrastructure and […]

How to get involved in research

“Volunteers, both with and without dementia, who take part in research studies or clinical trials play an essential role in helping scientists and doctors to understand dementia and test potential new treatments.” (Alzheimer’s Research UK)   Our Friends of OxDARE scheme is open to anyone who is interested in ageing and dementia research. But we […]

Dementia Friends

Today we had a ‘Dementia Friends’ session for Oxford University staff and students, which was led by Claire Sexton, a researcher from the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences and a Dementia Friends Champion. The aim of the Dementia Friends campaign is to improve understanding and to encourage people to take small actions to help those […]

Organising a dementia-friendly event

Next week is Dementia Awareness Week. If you are running an event that may be attended by people with dementia, here are some factors to take into consideration: Communication Provide good, clear information prior to the event to allow attendees to plan their day in advance. When talking to people: Make and maintain eye contact […]

‘Ask a Scientist’

Thanks to everyone who visited our information stand at the Inside the Brain event at the Museum of the History of Science. As promised, here are some responses to questions that were posted in our ‘Ask a Scientist’ box over the weekend: An introduction to the Cognitive Health in Ageing (CHA) research group One of […]

UK dementia and stroke research ‘remains underfunded’

Research into the treatment and prevention of dementia and stroke remains underfunded when compared to the economic and personal impact these conditions have. – Alastair Gray Read more

Physical activity and dementia

Whilst there are many risk factors for dementia (such as age and genetics) that can’t be changed, there are things that we can do to reduce the risk of developing some forms of dementia. A Cambridge study has estimated that one in three cases of Alzheimer’s worldwide might be preventable and that a number of […]

The changing face of research

The stereotype of a scientist spending long solitary hours in the laboratory is a far cry from the group-based and collaborative world of research today. Over the years science has moved from predominantly individual research projects to increasingly complex networks of collaborations both within and beyond scientists’ home institutions. This is partly due to the […]

Diet and dementia

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a healthy lifestyle supports healthy ageing, and an important aspect of this is food and nutrition. The brain requires a lot of oxygen, which in turn means that the heart and blood vessels need to be in good working order to deliver it. Hence the idea that what […]

The importance of sleep

The importance of a healthy lifestyle is increasingly recognised for its role in maintaining physical and mental health as we age, but sleep is one aspect of this that is often forgotten. A study involving two OxDARE researchers, Claire Sexton and Heidi Johansen-Berg, has found that poor sleep quality may be linked to a more […]