How to get involved in research

“Volunteers, both with and without dementia, who take part in research studies or clinical trials play an essential role in helping scientists and doctors to understand dementia and test potential new treatments.” (Alzheimer’s Research UK)


Our Friends of OxDARE scheme is open to anyone who is interested in ageing and dementia research. But we realise that this isn’t the only option available to people who would like to participate in a research study.

There is quite a lot of information online about research participation, so we thought we’d summarise the local options and post this information on our website.

Researchers connected to OxDARE and the ARUK Oxford Network are often involved in information and public engagement events, and following on from the last Oxford ARUK annual open day in March, we held a meeting to catch up with some colleagues who are doing similar, and complementary, work in Oxford and beyond:

  • Patients Active in Research is a Thames Valley scheme to increase patient, carer and public involvement in medical research at all stages. This includes involving members of the public in the planning of new research projects.
  • Friends of OxDARE is for people who are interested in hearing about and/or participating in studies related to ageing and cognition at the University of Oxford.
  • Join Dementia Research is a new national service for people to register an interest in taking part in dementia research. You can choose whether you would like to be contacted about studies in Oxford, or further afield.


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